Frank Duarte

Composer, Songwriter, Conductor

Troops to the mustered armies


For Concert Band

Duration: 3’ 30”

Year of Composition: 2013

Commissioned by and dedicated to and dedicated to the Koseto Brass & Woodwind Band of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan and Bandmaster Hachiro Ukai, for their 60th Anniversary of its founding.

Premiere performance by the Koseto Brass & Woodwind Band of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on November 9, 2013.


Troops of the Mustered Armies is a military march in the strict and formal musical style of AA-BB-C-D-C-D- C or as simple put, in the style of the American military march.

This year, 2013, marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. This march has been deeply influenced by the usage of various well-known folk songs throughout the American Civil war, each being predominant in one area and vice-versa. Those songs include, Simple Gifts (both), Dixieland (South), and Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean, (North) and the Battle Cry of Freedom (Both).

The "Battle Cry of Freedom", written in 1862 by American composer George Frederick Root (1820–1895) is a patriotic song advocating the cause of the Union. It became so popular that composer H. L. Schreiner and lyricist W. H. Barnes adapted it for the Confederacy. Due to the fact that it was very fitting for rallies (as some of the lyrics state), The Union version was used as the campaign song for the Lincoln- Johnson ticket in the 1864 presidential election. Not bad for entertaining the crowd. Due to its deep musical and historical connections, I felt it was most appropriate to use the Battle Cry of Freedom as the basis for this composition.

The origin of the name of the composition comes from the fact that I want the listener to imagine being “teleported” back to 1863 to a ceremonial military review. I want the listener to imagine these opposing forces, both placed on the same military field right in front of each, showcasing their strength, their colors, their personnel, their weaponry, and of course their music to the spectators from both sides of the country. All of the people in uniform in this ceremonial military review are recruited, or mustered, hence, Troops of the Mustered Armies.

All my research and said inspirations produced this military march. To the brave who have worn the uniforms to promote freedom, peace, and prosperity, I dedicate this to you all.


Koseto Brass & Woodwind Band of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

November 9, 2013