Frank Duarte

Composer, Songwriter, Conductor

Behold, Aquarius


For Electronics (Fixed-Media)

Duration: 7’ 30”

Year of Composition: 2016

The work received its premiere performance on March 26, 2016 at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall at Butler Univeristy, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Behold, Aquarius, for fixed media, is inspired by water, both as a resource and as sonic inspiration. Sounds collected include but are not limited to sounds of water, a shower, a toilet flushing, and filled mason jars. The work recounts a fictional imagination I had about Aquarius, the water carrier. Behold, Aquarius starts with sounds signaling the descent of Aquarius from the sky to earth, transforming into his humanly figure to collect one of nature’s most precious elements. Aquarius saw how water had been polluted, seeing many undesired objects. He sent a messenger to tell people to purify all the water. Should they not fulfill his demand, he would do it himself. People were reluctant of Aquarius’s demands and ignored the messenger’s warnings. Aquarius, in deep fury, started his cleaning rampage, making whirlpools and the sky rain, cleaning the water. Ships, fish, and waterways were destroyed. People begged to stop, and after several pleas, the messenger convinced Aquarius to stop. Aquarius announced that if he ever came down and saw polluted water, he would ask Poseidon to destroy their land. The composition ends as Aquarius makes his ascent back to his celestial home, leaving behind the remnants of his destruction.



December 8, 2018